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Bubu Gift Set


Product Categories: AccessoriesGifts
Product Tags: Bubu

Bubu Gift Set


Product Categories: AccessoriesGifts
Product Tags: Bubu

Product Description

A glitterati hydrogel sheet mask pack and bath bomb combo to keep your skin sparkling from head to toe

Gift box includes-

Hydrating Sheet Mask

A glittering infusion of natural antioxidants and vitamins, combined with hyaluronic acid and liquorice root, delivering a powerful shot of hydration with environmentally friendly sparkle, what better way to start your morning ! #soakmewet

Exfoliating Sheet Mask

Want to feel good barefaced ? Bubu’s unique fibrous mask base combines a gentle but effective Charcoal, Clay and AHA combo to gobble up dead skin cells, leaving you with a fresh and glowing complexion, leaving skin beautifully naked ! #stripitoff

Protective Sheet Mask

The best way to protect clean skin and shield it from the onslaught of everyday pollution is with bubu’s #feelingdirty sparkling sheet mask applied in the morning, after cleansing & applied just before your make up, this preventative mask also doubles as the perfect make up primer #sheetmaskinthecity

Blemish Busting Sheet Mask

Help eliminate breakouts and blemishes with bubu’s sparkling spot treatment, formulated with a unique blend of niacinamide, natural actives and our potent secret serum, ensuring you hit the spot every time with #t-spot!

Lip Plumping Mask

Pout your heart out with bubu’s shimmering lip mask, which delivers key active ingredients and a powerful shot of hydration to the delicate lip area, giving instant, selfie-ready results.. no needle required ! #puckerup

5 Glitterati Bath Bombs

One of each of Bubu’s shimmering, fizzing, fun and colourful bath bombs, infused with environmentally friendly mica to leave your skin super soft and slightly sparkling #youdabomb

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